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About Us

arcastream provides high performance, data aware, software-defined storage and networking solutions specifically designed to accelerate the world’s most challenging scientific data workflows.

arcastream high performance storage combines flash, disk, tape and cloud storage into a multi-protocol, single namespace, unified system that’s higher performing, limitless in scale, easier to manage, far better supported, and lower cost than alternative solutions.

Data moves seamlessly through various tiers of storage – from fast flash to cost-effective, high capacity object storage, all the way out to the cloud, depending on how frequently it needs to be accessed – along with advanced metadata tagging, search, analytics and relentless support. This allows research organizations to store valuable data more intelligently and economically.

Our Products

arcastream Storage

arcastream High Performance, Data Aware Software-Defined Storage is powered by IBM Spectrum Scale with added ease of use, tiering, cloud integration, monitoring, metadata tagging, search, analytics and relentless support – on open standard hardware – greatly reducing costs.


Economically store and protect valuable data with ngenea. An extremely fast, highly scalable, data management layer, ngenea unifies high-speed arcastream storage with object, NAS, tape and cloud storage into a single global namespace. ngenea transparently tiers data from high-performance storage to cost-effective, highly protected object, tape and cloud storage – lowering storage costs and freeing storage space.

Our Reviews

“Very flexible, truly general purpose NAS. We throw pretty much everything at it and copes brilliantly. Truly scalable too – both for performance and capacity. A few small problems with ctdb (makes samba cluster aware) but for projects on this scale, with a wide use case it’s fair to expect the odd problem. Support (arcastream/ arcapix) outstanding. I don’t know how we would have managed without them.”

“For us, the key to success was the integrator we used – arcastream. They really took the time to understand our needs. So few companies take the time to do that. Success would not have been possible without that understanding. Outstanding service and support.”

Our Clients

“The arcastream solution will enable CFMS and its customers to flexibly and seamlessly store, access and manage data, providing a software defined scale-out storage and data management solution specifically designed for the research and simulation market.”

Sam Paice, Chief Operating Officer, CFMS
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