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Global unstructured data management

NGenea is a global unstructured data management and storage solution for data-intensive workloads. NGenea combines storage tiers to enable better insights and accelerated workflows while automating data management, ensuring that data is available wherever it is needed across the global workflow. NGenea supports all major cloud vendors including AWS, Azure, and GCP as well as on-premises.



High-performance storage for the most data intensive workloads

NGenea’s NG-Stor is a high-performance storage tier for the most data-intensive workloads. Powered by a proven high-performance parallel file system, trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide, NG-Stor can easily manage petabytes of data and billions of files, all under a single global namespace.

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Industry-Leading storage & data management solutions for intensive applications

Enterprise data storage requirements are dynamic and require flexible, high-performance solutions that address a variety of workload requirements.

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