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Enhanced ESS Management and Software

Premium Services and Innovative Software Make IBM Elastic Storage Server More Useful and Easy to Manage

ArcaStream Enhanced ESS Management delivers premium managed services and software for IBM Elastic Storage Server. ArcaStream Enhanced ESS Management is designed for organizations that want to exploit the power and flexibility of IBM Elastic Storage Server and IBM Spectrum Scale, but keep the focus of their vital IT resources on their core business – freeing them to support other critical tasks, while enjoying worry-free ESS operation.

ArcaStream Enhancements to IBM Spectrum Scale

ArcaStream builds on top of IBM Spectrum Scale, delivering innovation across three areas: advanced software that expands IBM Spectrum Scale’s abilities, making it more useful and easier to deploy and manage; comprehensive solution design, to make sure customer workflow requirements and integration goals are met and exceeded; and all- inclusive, expertly delivered “disk to application” unified services and support.

Advanced ArcaStream Software

  • Centralized control of all file system components from a single interface
  • Pythonic and REST-compliant toolset can be used to automate Spectrum Scale operation and create customized web interfaces
  • Vastly reduced complexity for otherwise difficult to manage file system components
  • Monitoring, alerting, search and analytics
  • High performance tiering to object storage with full path retention so object is directly accessible by cloud applications, enhancing workflow
  • Seamless cloud bursting
  • Multi-site collaboration
  • Cost effective fully protected DR storage via remote ArcaStream asynchronous replication

Unified Services and Support

  • “Disk to application” holistic solution understanding
  • Direct access to knowledgeable expertise – no “briar patch” support
  • Hybrid managed service: regular maintenance tasks such as firmware and upgrades are handled by ArcaStream support, rather than the customer’s technical staff
  • Alerts generated by the system are proactively investigated and escalated by ArcaStream support
  • Single point of contact multi-vendor incident management ensures SLA’s and top-quality support experience is delivered
  • Automated weekly health checks

Comprehensive Solution Design

  • Analyze existing environment focusing on workflow requirements, storage, network, and applications
  • Identify issues and bottlenecks
  • Design solution architecture including hardware, software configuration and procurement guidance
  • Integrated system build and implementation

Expert Hybrid Managed Services for IBM Elastic Storage Server 

ArcaStream extends your administration team with knowledgeable support providing remote management of ESS daily operation, maintenance, tuning, optimization, problem determination and resolution – including protocol node, workflow and application integration – ensuring your ESS system runs at peak efficiency. 

ArcaStream Proactive Support

  • 24 x 7 system remote monitoring 
  • Weekly system health-checks 
  • Hardware, firmware, driver upgrades 
  • ESS software stack upgrades for Spectrum Scale Filesystem, Red Hat Linux OS, and Protocol Node 
  • Proactive notification of bugs/issues for full stack

Additional Support Provided

  • Bi-Annual Solution Performance review 
  • Upgrade planning consultancy for system hardware / software refresh 
  • Access to ArcaStream Contextual Training Collateral 
  • Access to ArcaStream knowledge base 
  • IBM Spectrum Scale storage management policy review, implementation, management 
  • Network topology review and tuning 
  • Annual ESS software upgrade 

ArcaStream On Demand Support

  • Support Desk, Phone Helpline, Web Portal, Email 
  • ArcaStream Levels 1, 2 and 3 Software Support backed up by IBM Level 1 / Level 2 and Spectrum Scale Development 
  • IBM ESS vendor management, logging, managing support calls to IBM
  • Escalation as required 

ArcaStream ESS Support Flow

  • ArcaStream assumes responsibility for single point of contact with ESS customer
  • ArcaStream manages problem situations on behalf of customer
  • ArcaStream and IBM Level 1 / Level 2 interact as necessary
  • ArcaStream is manager of the problem resolution

Complete Data Awareness 

ArcaStream Enhnanced ESS Management comes with a dynamic analytics engine that provides information on how data is being created and used over time. This intelligence gives administrators the insight needed to make the right expansion decisions and provides a robust reporting mechanism for chargebacks. 

Rapidly Locate Valuable Data with ESS Enhanced Management Software 

Finding data is easily facilitated with the included search function that can automatically harvest user and application metadata from files. Lost files can be found by metadata type with a simple drill down interface that generates proxy images, videos, audio and documents for quick browse. 

An Industrial Strength, Fully Supported, Robust, Easy to Manage Storage Platform 

The result is an easy to manage, scalable, high performance storage system with centralized control of all file system components from a single interface employing graphical interfaces for common tasks, and Python and REST APIs for file system automation and workflow integration. ArcaStream storage monitoring, alerting and performance analytics are tailored to the exact needs of the administrative workflow and empower the organization with unprecedented insight into data usage and trends. 

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