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Our Products

Accelerating Scientific Workflows and Reducing Data Management Costs

arcastream Storage

arcastream high performance storage combines flash, disk, tape, and cloud storage into a unified single namespace architecture that’s higher-performing, limitless in scale and lower cost than traditional solutions. Data moves seamlessly through various tiers of storage – from fast flash to cost-effective, high capacity object storage, all the way out to the cloud – depending on how frequently it needs to be accessed. This allows research organizations to store valuable data more intelligently and economically.

ngenea HSM

Economically store and protect valuable media assets with ngenea HSM, an extremely fast, highly scalable, data management layer unifying high-speed arcastream storage with object and cloud storage into a single pixstor global namespace. ngenea HSM transparently tiers media assets based on policies (for example, untouched assets over 30 days old) from high-performance storage to cost-effective, highly protected object, tape and cloud storage – lowering storage costs and freeing production storage space. arcastream Search harvests metadata and instantaneously finds archived assets and recalls them seamlessly to production storage as needed.

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