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Dell EMC Ready Solutions with arcastream pixstor
Simplify infrastructure. Streamline technology.

Introducing Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC storage featuring the arcastream pixstor filesystem.

As data pours in from an increasing array of sources, IT departments are challenged to deal with vast quantities of data, as well as with IT budgets that demand doing more with less. Many have found the answer in high performance computing (HPC) — leveraging powerful computing systems designed to handle big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced computing workloads.

In every industry, delivering data‐driven insights requires storage that can handle massive data growth with security, reliability and performance. Accelerating data growth makes the economics of processing, accessing and storing data on some Fibre Channel and scale‐out network‐attached storage unsustainable.

That’s where arcastream pixstor comes in.

Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC pixstor Storage offer our high‑performance parallel file system, enabling data management at scale with the ability to perform archive and analytics in place.

pixstor is high performance, highly scalable, enterprise‐class software‐defined storage that empowers you to search, manage, securely isolate and protect your data, collaborate and share across distances, and run in the cloud. The Dell EMC engineering‐validated design for pixstor storage delivers high performance with limitless scale at lower cost than traditional legacy solutions.

With this pixstor and Dell EMC architecture, data moves seamlessly through many storage tiers — from fast flash and disk tiers to cost‐effective, high‐capacity object storage, all the way to the cloud — backed by a policy and event engine and a single view of the data that puts all data at your fingertips. This allows you to accelerate workloads and store valuable assets safely and economically.

A Complete Turnkey Solution
Fully-engineering & validated for peace of mind

Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC Storage are tested and validated solutions that allow you to deploy large‐capacity storage systems more easily and with less risk, while preserving resources and budget for higher‐value activities. They also give you the power to quickly and easily scale storage capacity as computing needs grow.

By partnering with arcastream, Dell EMC is able to offer tested and tuned systems that speed adoption of high performance, scalable HPC storage systems with simplified installation, configuration and management features.

Each solution comprises:

pixstor scalable filesystem with guaranteed sustained high-performance & feature-rich toolset
Dell PowerEdge Servers
Dell PowerVault Storage
Mellanox networking
Delivered with deployment & support services

Discover how Dell EMC Ready Solutions
for HPC pixstor storage can deliver
limitless performance, scale and control for you.

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