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Promoting Growth Through Science & Innovation

Promoting Growth Through Science & Innovation

Following the Autumn Statement, the UK’s scientific research and development sectors are set to benefit from an additional £2 billion government funding by 2020.

Science and Innovation 2017 will give an exclusive introduction to the brand new Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, discussion surrounding the implementation of the new research public body UKRI as well as investment and collaboration prospects to enhance research and lucrative commercialisation.

Hear from leading experts and best practice case studies as well as actively network with other academics, business leaders, decision makers and key stakeholders to ensure the UK remains a world leader within research, innovation and industry.

Hear from our Co-Founder and CTO Barry Evans on June 8th at the QE2 Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London SW1P 3EE


Funding requirements, multi-discipline user expectations, explosive sensor growth and shrinking budgets are all challenges faced by today’s modern research institution. This is especially true of of data management and collaborative data workflows. In this session, ArcaStream and our partners will present these challenges in detail, along with strategies on how to overcome them.

Learning Points;

  • Getting to know your user’s data workflows and behaviour
  • Eliminating unnecessary cost from data storage repositories
  • Reducing support and operational complexity
  • Extracting unknown value from data without an army of curators
  • Fairly, transparently and efficiently valuing your service to users

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